My Office Space

Picture Time!

I don’t spend much time here, in my office.  I travel between five schools, so I am mostly in teachers’ classrooms.  I feel like I have a comfortable and cozy spot; sometimes, I wish I were here more often.

On my desk, I have a lot of paper.  When I receive it at meetings, I really don’t know what to do with it, so it ends up on my desk.  In the picture, you can see the stacks of papers.  On the papers, I have a magazine open.  I will frequently, check my mailbox, find a magazine, read it on my way up to my office and leave it open on my desk so I can come back to it.  It is hard to find time to come back to my open magazines, although, I always have good intentions.  The paper and the clutter on my desk bothers me, but I never have enough time to deal with it.

If I could take one word and describe my desk, it would have to be clutter.  I am not very good with paper, however, as an educator, I feel like I live in a world FULL of paper.  Does anyone else ever feel like that?  Each day, I walk past the copy room and hear that poor machine chugging away.  Somedays, I walk into the copy room, wanting to scan something on the machine and someone is making 200 copies of a packet that is 4 pages front to back and stapled.  Oh!  Those trees!  I frequently go into meetings and receive a paper agenda.  Or, worse yet, sometimes, I receive a copied version of the PowerPoint, with space available for note-taking.  I’m sure you know what I mean.  I look at those small thumbnails of the presentation, the lines off to the right-hand side and I think “why?”

Other than the paper, I am happy with my office space.  I love my big window, which lets in a lot of natural light.  I love my plexi-glass!  I have lists of teachers who are looking for virtual field trips or collaborations.  The lists are a constant reminder to me of what or who I should look for.