Who is Your “Person”?

New Year, New Start

Blogging didn’t go so well for me, even after I joined the EduBlog challenge.  But, this time, I am not waiting until the New Year to try again!

Finding That “Person”

I read a lot over summer break and in many of the books I read, there was a theme that you need to find a person to motivate you and encourage you to persist through anything you find to be difficult or a struggle.  Many of the books talked about how educators can be “that person” for their students.  I looked at it from a slightly different perspective because I am not with students every day at this point in my career.

Finding My “Person”

The more I read, the more I reflected on the importance of having that person in my life.  As I thought about it, I truly realized that I have many of these people in my life.  And, in fact, I do much better at those activities where I have a “person”.  I look at my work outs and I have friends and coaches to push me through the hardest workout or races.  I have my Mom who helps me manage my crazy life and always encourages me to slow down to spend more time with my boys.  My colleague and friend, Sarah, pushes me to constantly read more, learn more and be better at my job.  As our opening convocation speaker, Bruce Boguski said, “It does not matter how good you are, you can always be better.”

Blogging is something I have consistently struggled with.  But, I think that this year, I have found my “person” to help me blog on a regular basis.  I need someone to hold me accountable.  When I returned to school earlier this month, our Director of Pupil Services, Julie, asked me about blogging.  As we chatted, we both realized that we could encourage each other to take this step and really reflect on our lives and careers.  We both have a shared interest to offer our reflections to readers on a professional and personal level.

I think about those students who were in my class who needed a person.  I knew of a few, but I know that there were many more.  I may have not been that person for them, but maybe if I had set up more peer mentors in my class, my content would have connected for them.  Sometimes students can be that person for another student.

I love the “buddy” system.  I think that children benefit so much from having an older student to look up to and connect with on a different level.  When my older son, Will, was in Kindergarten, he had a “prayer partner” named Leonardo.  Will thought Leonardo was the best!  He used to excitedly come home and tell us when he had the opportunity to interact with Leonardo!  I remember that they made pesto and tried it together, they went on field trips, were on the same field day team and so much more.  Leonardo is beginning his junior year of High School and we still see him often.  Leonardo was a great role model for Will . There was no way that an adult could have connected with Will in the same way that this older student did.  It would be great to see more schools adopting a system like this to provide a “person” for each student.

I know the importance of having a “person” or “people” in my life to help motivate me! I now have a person who will encourage me to blog and to persist along the way.  Julie, I may not be able to make all of our “blogging meetings”, but I will try to blog once a week!  Let’s make this work!  Thanks for being my person!

Happy New Year 2017!

Another New Year’s Resolution to Blog

Beginning 2017

I didn’t make it until midnight on NYE this year.  I was exhausted.  So, when I woke up at 6:30 a.m. with my kids, I thought about the New Year’s of 2016.  My big New Year’s resolution was to blog.  I looked back and on January 2, 2016, this is what I posted:

Last year, my New Year’s resolutions were to get on Twitter and to blog.  So, I got on Twitter very successfully, but the blogging didn’t happen.  2016 will be my year to blog.

It didn’t happen

That is OK. But, I will try again.  On January 2, 2017, I looked in my e-amil to see a message from a newsletter that I subscribe to claiming that it is easier to blog when others are blogging with you and you all are holding each other accountable.  I believe that.  So, I signed up to be part of the #Edublogsclub.

Prompt #1 – My Blog Story

As you can see, I have some experience in blogging.  Last year, I made it through March and my goal this year is to make it until at least the summer.  If I can blog all year, I will be thrilled! I enjoy writing and sharing my knowledge and story, but it is hard to dedicate the time every week to blog.  I like the idea that quantity is more important than quality so I hope to keep that in mind each week as I blog.

I enjoy reading other blogs.  It is helpful to me when I subscribe to the blog and receive the updates in my e-mail.  Then, I can read a summary and, if necessary, go to the website to read more.  One of my favorite blogs is Eric Curts’ Control Alt Achieve.  He always provides me with so many ideas that I can share with my colleagues.  If you haven’t looked at it, I encourage you to do so.

Thanks #EdublogsClub for encouraging me to blog again!  This is a great idea!

Happy New Year!

Beginning 2016

Last year, my New Year’s resolutions were to get on Twitter and to blog.  So, I got on Twitter very successfully, but the blogging didn’t happen.  2016 will be my year to blog.

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